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About True Float

We are an independent, local business created out of passion to see people heal and keep faith in our ability to self-heal.

Our belief is that floating, as a practice, can help the majority of people who decide to take that first nervous float inside the pods. The float pod (isolation tank, REST therapy, or sensory deprivation tank) is an amazingly simple yet powerful tool that can enhance ones overall living experience.



A Little About The Owners At True Float.

Natasha & Lee’s journey started when their son was born and sent to Vancouver Children’s Hospital, where after many nights they had been told there was a high chance he would be unable to live a normal life. It was at that time the family started its journey down natural healing and alternative therapies, the kind that that have the ability take a person from a bad situation into achieving amazing outcomes. The family is today happy to say that thanks to many different therapies and never giving up that their son is like any average little boy. He does have some disabilities but you would not know to see him that he has Apraxia and CP. They continue to try new therapies and practices, and they enjoy bringing some of the best ones into their center for their clients. True Float welcomes any and all clients to the center to see what floating can do for you and your journey.